Remote Key Function

Hello all,

Was wondering if any one had a key listing for function on the remote.
I use this thing all the time every cut,but still dont k ow what some of the keys do…

Hello, I use it a lot but really only know the rt pad controls torch movement, the tab key toggles between rapid and 1/16 of an inch jogs. And the pg up and pg down move torch up and down and the space bars pauses program

Ya was going to map all out,but thought there was one done already…I know one of keys fires torch…lol

Hey Lawrence,

Here’s a full list of keyboard shortcuts, which can also be accessed from FireControl’s “Help” menu for easy access!

  • Jog X+: Right Arrow Key
  • Jog X-: Left Arrow Key
  • Jog Y+: Up Arrow Key
  • Jog Y-: Down Arrow Key
  • Jog Z+: Page Up Key
  • Jog Z-: Page Down Key
  • Toggle Nudge Jog: Tab Key
  • Start Program: ALT + R
  • Pause Program: Space Bar
  • Stop Program: ALT + S
  • Zoom in Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Up
  • Zoom out Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Down

well cool.
TY Had no idea about the help menu listing…