Reloading files in sheetcam

Does any one know if you can reload .TAP files back into sheetcam?

You can reload .JOB files into SheetCam and those are where the .TAP files came from…

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How do I get .job files out of the .tap files?

You don’t. SheetCam creates the .TAP FROM the .JOB file. Not the other way around. If you don’t have the .JOB file because you didn’t save it or you got the TAP file from someone else, then you’re toast and need to make your own.

Do you even bother to read the SheetCam instructions?

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I am looking to take previous files that I created and reload them into sheet cam so I can nest my parts with previous cuts.

If I knew the answer or read it I wouldn’t be on here asking questions. I figured this was a community of people willing to help.

Appreciate your response but no need to be snarky about it.

If you HAD read it you wouldn’t HAVE to be here asking questions like this one.

You’re right, no need to be snarky, I’ll apologize to the others. You, I’ll ignore.

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No you can not because the file has already been converted to .TAP. However you can go back into your app that created the drawing make changes then save it by over writing the original then bring it back into Sheetcam. Once in Sheetcam I would save it as a .JOB file that way you can bring it back up from there to make your changes such as starting points, multiple parts, etc. But to make changes to the actual drawing you will have to go back into your drawing app. Hope this helps.


Hey stinker,

Thats exactly what I was looking for.

I need to save the files as a .job file. That’s where I was going wrong.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated!

Never had an issue on plasmaspider. Everyone is always more than willing to help despite their experience. Looks like this forum blew up your head.

Real class act.

Anyway take care.