Refrigerated air dryer feedback

Hello I am thinking about investing In This refrigerated air dryer wondering if anyone on here can give me feedback, or recommend another one that I can look into.

I have the ADS20 and it’s awesome. My Motorguard filter that’s downstream of it is always dry.

Thanks for the feedback I ended up going with a Ingersoll Rand

Where’s it made? I was surprised that the schulz is made in Italy.

Manufactured In New York , my local welding supplier sells them so that’s the main reason I went with Ingersoll Rand, I am in Canada. Hopefully this will be the solution to my quality issues when cutting!

Here’s my setup. Air compressor, filter, 20 feet of black iron pipe with a drain at the bottom, air dryer, motorguard and then a desiccant at the plasma. Zero moisture problems.

That looks awesome! Does the dewalt come with a after cool? Also do you live in a humid area? Here in Nova Scotia it gets very humid. My set up will look similar to your except mines running along the top of my walls.

No after cooler. I got it for $425 at TSC so its plain Jane. I live in Southern middle Tennessee about 6 miles form Jack Daniel’s. We invented humidity. Lol its 95 with 90 percent humidity almost everyday in the summer.

Wish they had deals like that in Canada can’t go wrong with a dewalt.

Thats what I thought and I have a 32 year old Sanborn compressor that’s made by the same supplier but this Dewalt only has a 1000 hour life on the compressor…

That’s what I’m using a 60 gallon sanborn compressor that’s good to know it will last. I installed a after cool trying to get away with not having to buy a refrigerated air dryer right off the hop however just to humid need the dryer.

It’ll pay for itself in better cuts requiring less clean up…