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Here’s a couple of fun LED lit signs ive done as going away gifts maybe for ideas for others.


Incredible work! Thank you for sharing!!

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Thank you! I have a lot of cool signs but unfortunately cant post or share them at request of my customer. But, hopefully this will give others some ideas they can do with there tables.


That’s fantastic work! I’m going to start a back lit sign project of my own out of aluminum for my dad and am trying to figure out what to use for the translucent plastic? Do you mind sharing what material you used and where to find it?

Yeah not at all, it’s just some acrylic sheet from homedepot or Lowe’s cut down and sanded with an orbital sander. Sanding has had the best results from what I’ve tried(media blast, paint ect). LEDs are dealers choice but the more space between the acrylic and Leds will produce better lighting affects.

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Awesome, thanks for the tip. Never even thought of sanding a clear sheet lol.

@matthewgardner47 What reflective material did you put inside the frame?

Just plain old aluminum foil from the kitchen and spray adhesive :metal:
Did you end up making a back lit sign?

I did but I got stuck with my lighting. My LEDs aren’t bright enough. I used tin foil but that didn’t help much. I just need to try a different set of LEDs i guess.

The lights I used were battery powered and seemed plenty bright until I put them in the case. What set did you use with the AC adapter? I swear my set looks just as bright as yours but the end result is my sign looks more edge light and you’re is pretty uniformly back lit.

Oh and what grit did you use on the Lexan glass? I started with a 240 pad but it just clogged 120 doesn’t look too bad the way I have it.

Ive used both AC and USB battery pack and both are about similar in brightness. I also go around the box two time for more brightness. It honestly depends on the color of how the edge is brighter closer to where the LEDs are located which you can kinda see on the bottom pic. I did learn that the more stand off between the plexiglass and the LEDS results in an ideal lighting situation, which you can see grenade crate that is two sided the colors turn out uniform and pefect because that stand off, if that makes sense?

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sorry forgot to answer you other questions. I have been using 60 Grit on the sander, just scraping off the buildup when needed. As for light, ive been trying various brands on amazon but when I find one I like, its no longer offered for the next batch of signs… go figure haha. Most of them have issues with the adhesive in the boxes but I either add the screw in holders or hot glue them in place.

@matthewgardner47 Thanks for all the tips, I really appreciate it. I’m going to finish my sign this weekend and I’ll post some pictures

Did you ever get a chance to make that sign you were talking about?

That project ended up on the back burner lol. I cut the sign out of 14 gauge aluminum perfect, made the wooden housing, picked up everything else I’d need and drilled/ installed fasteners to hold the sign to the housing. Then the LED lights i bought from Amazon burned out right away so I had to return those and wait for new ones. I tried polishing the aluminum but couldnt get uniformed with the methods i was trying so i kept trying new finishes and got fed up with it. Now that you bring it up, i might try finishing it this weekend since it’s like 90% complete. I will definitely update this thread when i do.