Ready cut files, no Z

Hi, You guys have some great projects in fileshare, is there any chance that you can upload more ready to cut files for NO Z on a crossfire? Thank you!!

welcome to the forum…
you can download any file you want…just postprocess it for your machine.

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All of the cut ready files can now be downloaded for “no Z” machines by checking the new box near the bottom of the download form to remove all of the IHS commands for “no Z” machines.

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Thanks for reply, Yes i do know that i can post process , the problem is that i’m 62 yr, old and new to CAD 360 etc. i can get them though part of that process, i can get them into 360 cad and do some items but can’t get rid of the THC part. to make it workable with my crossfire. thx, John

Thank you, i will try that! John

hey…I am new to this also…been only a year at it and am 56…
so you have a crossfire no thc…fusion 360 can be a problem…I am autocad proficient…but I could not grasp fusion…I went to inkscape which is free and easy to use…then I bought sheetcam…it is real easy to use to take drawings and post process them

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I will take a look at inkscape. Thx

there are alot of people that use inkscape…and a lot of videos on youtube…