Razorweld45 tools for sheetcam

I was curious if anyone would share their tried and true toolset for sheetcam with different gauges? I am 100% new to CNC and everything that goes with it and was just wondering. I’ve yet to see an option on the forums with gauges and fractions.

I am aware of the google doc and will make my own if it comes to that, honest curious question.

Thanks so much in advance.


You will ultimately need to develop your own Sheetcam toolset as each system setup varies. Here’s a screenshot of tool #9 in my arsenal. It is made up from published settings from my plasma cutter’s (PrimeWeld CUT60) user manual and then tweaked over time to produce the best performance for my particular setup. I strongly advise you follow the same procedure, surely the Razorweld manual will provide the essential data, and this should be used as a baseline and then you can tweak one parameter at a time and determine the results.

Certainly not in my manual.

Just figured I’d ask since they’ve sold them with their machines for awhile now. Didn’t know if someone would share. No big deal

Thanks for the reply!

As I stated originally - I am aware of the google doc. Thanks for the information all the same though!