Razorweld45 cuts for brief time then stops, it varies

I know that you all have seen this topic 1000 times, I have as well. However, I bought my crossfire in November 21, it arrived in February 22 just before I was diagnosed with cancer. I made the first cut on it in September 22 and had the “it will not stay cutting for longer than X” problem then and just kept trying until it finally made it through. I ground to the piece. I have dry air. I am using a compressor flowing 5cfm at 90 PSI, at the RW45 pressure is approx 65psi. I have a desiccant dryer and filter combo. This will be the second time that I am using this thing. Everything is new, I made a few pieces from a 12x12 inch piece of 1/4" steel and had nothing but problems. I am trying to cut 24x24 now and it is just a PITA. The worst $2800 I ever spent. I can’t upload my file because I’m the new guy. IPM is 20. It’s a Crossfire with an RW45. Running at 30A off a generator. The torch fires through Firecontrol or manually. This is ridiculous. Everything is new including my laptop.

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Problem number one. The surge current from a Plasma Cutter will cause your generator voltage to plummet which will cut off the Plasma Cutter.

Voltage is stable, I am not running the RW45 at max current. Not to mention, this happens when plugged into a 50A 240V outlet.

That would have been useful information, had you mentioned it.

Well Tom, now you have it. Is there a solution to this situation or should I toss out the whole lot? I am frustrated beyond belief. I have read this type of issue over and over and over and no one can give a straight answer. What am I doing wrong since it appears that it’s always user error and lack of information.

You say you have 65 PSI at the cutter is that while cutting?
I would try and get 70-75 while cutting on the cutters gauge while cutting. RW cutters have problems with the regulator inside. You have to take the cover off to adjust.
Turn your R/W to 45 amps and leave there. Adjust your IPM accordingly. I cut 1/4” at 48IPM

And if you really want the help quit complaining and stay focused on getting it fixed. Nobody here want to hear all the complaining.


Knick, 65 psi is while cutting. I will see about adjusting it, no problem there. I have no issue at running it at 45A, It’s just that the material list that I have states 30A for 1/4" mild steel. And, when it does cut, the cut is fine! It just won’t continue, that is what’s so frustrating. So, I’ll try the air, but I don’t feel that the current is the problem, because it does cut well at 30A.

I understand your comment about complaining. I also don’t need the age old know it alls and snarky comments right out of the gate. Thank you for your help here.

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Hand torch or machine torch? If hand torch, can you get successful cuts by hand? (Straight cuts along a straight edge) Understanding it cuts for a brief time then stops, about how far? At corners? Do you have a powered Z axis? (IHS/THC)

There’s probably more questions, but lets start there to see if we can narrow down the issue.

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5 CFM is not very much air flow and if the air pressure drops to much, it will stop cutting.

Ya sometimes the people giving free help tend to get short once in awhile. I find if that happens to me (get the snarky old know it all guy giving me help) I try to remember this is only benefitting me, not him.
I have pretty thick skin and most stuff does not bother me.
You will find the help you get here is better than any support you have paid for and its free.
You are new to all of this and its harder than you think when first starting out.

Stick with it and it will come together


Cut speed is to slow. A plasma cutter is a hungry animal. The work clamp is positive and the torch is negative. As its cutting if your going to slow it will keep chewing at the metal till it does not sense positive and it will shut off.


Good point, George. Hungry animal… I like that.