Razorweld X45 torch fine cut I.P.M.s

Does anybody have a list of IPMs from 10 gauge to thinner . That is working for them better than others… For Razorweld x45 fine cut tips ?? Thanks Dave

I don’t believe they make fine cut consumables for the RW45. Or do you have a replacement torch?
I don’t think you would normally use fine cut on 10ga, I cut 14ga with the stock consumables and get very good detail (at least in my eyes)

@mechanic416 has had the RW45 fine cut consumables available for a bit now. They work well, but I agree, for 14ga max thru 18ga.

@Allcutup - I’ll dig thru my previous settings and see if I can get you what you can start with. You’ll need to tune to your setup.


Thanks I did not know that, or forgot :laughing: :laughing:

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