Razorweld X45 retaining cup issue

Hey everyone, hoping someone may have a solution for this. I was going to replace my consumables in the Razorweld plasma gun. X45 style. I can take it all apart and was after replacing the shield too but it turns out the shield is seized to the inner threaded part. I can take the shield off the retaining cup but as you can see not properly. It won’t spin off, the threads appear to be seized. I soaked it in a penetrating solvent for a while and nothing. I don’t want to damage the inner ring that the shield threads onto…I may have to buy a new retaining setup…The inner orange piece is stuck to the shield in short…

Di do not own a razor weld…but my first reaction is it looks overheated a d possibly warped…

You need a new retaining cup that one is toast.

Thanks @mechanic416, does this happen with too much heat?

Sometimes but I would say it was a bad cup to start with.

Ok, thanks. Looks like I’m running to the welding store! Thanks guys. I should probably get a new swirl ring and everything too? Ive got new consumables waiting to be installed too.

You may not find that retaining cup at a welding store, but you could try.

Ok, thanks for the heads up

You may want to call or email mechanic416 about your consumables. He probably has just what your need in stock. Do you have them George?

I had this happend on my Razorcut45 after my first cut. I wanted to check everything on the torch to make sure all was ok. I took a small amount of epoxy resin clue and pressed it all together again. After this I could unscrew the shield. I then took little silicone on the threads and now I have had many hours of cuts with no issue.

Thanks for all the tips. I know the proper thing would be to order a new retaining cup which I plan on doing. 60305t from Tecmo, I see mechanic416 has one for sale on his eBay.

I am curious though if the Hypertherm 220713 retainer would work? I’m running 220669 electrodes and 220671 tips with no issues and actually really good clean cuts, so curious if this retainer would work. Maybe someone may know…my local welding store has a few in stock actually. Thanks guys

No the 220713 is not a fit. You can use all other consumables from PMX45, but the retaining cup is special for X45/Tecmo torch.

Ok cool deal, glad I checked! I’m assuming just like any other part these have a life span, longer than the basic consumables but is there an average time on how long a retaining cup should be used or swapped out? Thanks

All torch parts are considered a consumable. You should always have an extra in stock for just this reason.

Plasmadyn on Ebay sells all the parts for that torch.

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Yes I have everything in stock for “both X45” torch’s Razorweld used on their plasma cutters.

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