Razorweld X45 Machine Torch Purchase

Is it possible to replace the “Razorweld X45 Torch” for the “Razorweld X45 Machine Torch” when placing a new order for the Pro table and pay the up price?

you best reach out to Langmuir with your order number…they will help…do it by email on their support email…

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  • edit Woops, I did a toolboy and didn’t fully read the post. But after checking, I don’t see that langmuir even offers a machine torch.

Sorry @toolboy but I think the best bet is to contact @mechanic416 for the torches he sells. George is a solid dude that stands by his advice and products.

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and I nearly beat you to the edit with a snarky …but funny comment…

I just received the machine torch. It’s best to have both, one hard mounted Machine and the other Hand held to easily attach to chop up the scrap remains of sheets on the table or reduce the size of stock prior to using. Besides I like to keep a plasma cutter with my miller mutiprocess on the cart for regular welding.

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Langmuir does sell a X45 machine torch for the Razorweld 45. I can not match their price on a machine torch. My torch’s and consumables come from Italy.

Mechanic416 is known for his supplies…prices and extensive knowledge of plasma torches.

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Got notice that they can not do an swap. Right now I’ll just wait till my table comes in and get everything setup with the hand torch and then see if I’ll have a need for the machine torch. If I can justify it with enough side hustle I’ll get one.

@mechanic416 is also known as a cranky old… uh, no, wait, that’s someone else… George is a great guy, as Toolboy says :grimacing:

I purchased one from Langmuir and it won’t work. When I turn on the plasma cutter it fires the torch for about 5sec then the air blows till I shut off the cutter. Reached out t Razor Weld with no response yet.

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Yea, I have heard about that before from others that have bought them from Langmuir. They are the same torch’s sold by Plasmadyn that have had trouble in the past with the same thing.

If you want it to work you can send it to me and I can fix it so it does work, but its still a after market copy.

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I have done some testing and I’m sure the new torch wiring is showing the torch is on. I have continuity at the plug to the Langmuir Fire Control Box. On the hand held torch there isn’t.