Razorweld wont fire

So i got a CF about 3 years ago, it never ran at 100% but good enough for what i needed. Now im looking to use it more and possibly upgrade to something bigger. One issue i always had was the torch firing. I remember i use to have to wiggle the cable to the Langmuir control box to get it to fire. Not a big deal since i probably used it for a total of 6-10 projects. Well i upgraded to the THC about 6 months ago and barley got it plugged up in hopes it would fix the issue but now i cant get it to fire at all. Any suggestions? TIA

With your description sounds like there is a short. You can use a volt meter to check the torch fire cable then make sure the relay is making up. Do you know how to use a volt meter?

Yes, what am i checking? voltage? if so what should it be reading? I will start at the control box, to the THC and then to the razor weld.

Don’t mess with the THC if you can’t get it to fire. First confirm you have torch fire cable hooked up correctly. Then check continuity on the cable to confirm it isn’t shorted.
Then at your own risk no voltage involved just don’t want you to blame me if something give up the ghost. You can use the plasma end on the torch fire cable you confirmed that is good. Manually fire the torch in fire control to see if relay switch is working properly. You should get continuity through the relay.
Sounds to me either the cable is bad or the relay. Maybe possibly hooked up wrong or loose connection.

Also make sure you don’t have connections crossed at the plasma cutter

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So after going through everything i had 2 cables reversed but now it is working. I do have one cable that seems to not work in a certain position so i will look into getting a replacement. Now time to trouble shoot the way it cuts. Thanks for your input Phillipw