RazorWeld Tool Set for SheetCam

Does anyone have a tool set created for SheetCam for the RazorWeld cut 45? I’ve downloaded the chart but I would still like to see someone else’s configuration before I start eating up steel trying to dial it in…

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Just wondering, what chart are you referring to for the RazorWeld Cut 45? I have just about completed my build of my CrossfirePro and looking to get a toolset going for Sheetcam as well. I had found a chart in the forum a while back that was being built by other Crossfire community folks. It has some great info on it but needed some more additional data as well. Great starting point for me though. I appreciate anyones help that is willing. :slight_smile:

On a side note from my experience the f bomb bottle opener uses up a lot less metal dialing it in. When setting it up in sheetcam be sure to use a lead in. I’m using a .2 and it’s working great…

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im putting the information into my sheetcam toolset and i have a question?, what is the pierce height and cut height for 16 gauge, 0.6 mm tip?

I used what was in the spreadsheet. 0.6 and 0.6.

Same as all the other materials. The pierce height and cut height are a function of the tip/nozzle/torch, not the material.

FWIW, I use 0.150" for pierce height, 0.063" for cut height.

Update: Removed question about CF Pro, answered in another post.

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It would be really nice if someone could export their tested tool set from SheetCam and share with the community. :cowboy_hat_face::+1:t3:
(If no one does, I intend to once I have everything set up and tested.)

Did you ever get a set for the Razor Cut 45 to share. Would be esiar just to load them all in at one time. Thanks for your time!

No. All I have is the one I created from a tutorial. Nothing that’s tested. Was hoping SWomack would share the set he was using. If no one will share, I will create a set from the Excel Spreadsheet and start there.

@SWomack, would you mind exporting and sharing your tool set for SheetCam? Sounds like you’ve done some testing and got it dialed in. It would be greatly appreciated by the community.
…Or any one else for that matter. If you use SheetCam and have a tested tool set, it would be VERY helpful to the community.

For those interested, this is the tool set from the PowerMax 45 shared by @elementalrage. Probably not far off for the Razorweld 45. I have not tested as I haven’t built my machine yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll update this post. Thank you @elementalrage for sharing!

For those curious or interested, you can open the tool set with Notepad (installed on every Windows computer) and edit the tool set to your liking. Then save and import. Enjoy!

Ok here’s my toolset for the RW45. Anything 1/4" and above is 45 amps anything below is 35 Amps both at 75 PSI dry air. There is also toolset for Everlast 60S that I’m close but probably could be tweaked a little. All Everlast settings are for 50 Amps and 75 PSI dry air. You’ll see on the RW45 since there is only one tip available so I’m just adjusting the cut speed and have had good results with very little dross…
RazorWeld_Cut45_&_Everlast_PowerPlasma_60S_ToolSet_2-7-2022.zip (829 Bytes)


Hey mate, just tried importing that toolset into Sheetcam and it was saying the filetype is unsupported now.


Did you change the file extension to *.tool or *.tools I can’t remember which it was.

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When I unzipped it, it was already a .tools file

Randomly tried again and it worked, moved the file out of the folder I’d exported it to and to my desktop, now it works.

I saved this and unzipped. It is in the previously recommended.tools format. When I try to import tools, it is only looking for csv files. Please help!

I imported it the other day into mine and it worked fine. See the previous post he got it to work…