Bad cuts see pics

How’s your ground and how dry is your air

ground to the work good dry air just changed deceits

What else are you using besides desiccant filter?

we have 2 one on the compressor one going into the plasma we are getting dry air

I would double the pierce delay and add a lead in of .2 on your tap file. That will improve your cuts also check to see if the tip of the torch is loose. I cut everything under 1/4" on 35 amps.

Here’s my tools etc for sheetcam. Its a text file. I’m using a one second pierce delay.

I also notice some times the z access will rise up on a cut about 1/2" what will cause that on thicker material
it still runs but not cut all the way through

It’ll ruin consumables doing that. Is the laptop charger plugged into your laptop when this happens.

tried it both ways one of the first thing I did made no difference had the same problem on my CnC years ago

There’s lots of info about z axis issues on here.

Take your consumables out of the torch take a picture of your nozzle orifice and your electrode and post it on here.

From the little bit of info that’s on here and if you’re absolutely certain your air is dry it’s likely your consumables are hooped.

Are you using smart voltage or are you writing in a nominal voltage?

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smart from the program

I don’t know what’s worse the cuts or the pictures. 33 amps at 100 seems low. Turn it up.

Torch raising is classic symptom of incorrect voltage readings. Laptop plugged in, dirty Z axis or continuity in the contacts while cutting.

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turn up the speed or amps I have tried it at 45 amp makes no difference

here are my consumables

Those consumables are toast. You need to get some new ones if you plan on getting any good cuts.


The hafnium emitter is completely gone from that electrode.

Does it have a little bit of green tinge to it when you’re cutting the plasma Arc that is?

The tip on that nozzle is completely wallered out too.

Take a good look at the swirl ring and all your o-rings as well while you’re in there.

Order up some new consumable components and we can take another try at this.

Not saying it’s this reason in your case but wet air is the number one cause of fouled consumables.

This would be a close second to using the wrong amperage range to your consumables

Next would be using the wrong height and speed for your consumables.

And of course consumables just wear out from use over time.


I’ll add a third to the opinion that those consumables are trashed. If you see any green tint to your plasma arc, the electrode is done and will trash everything else in short order.

If you didn’t get a lot of use out of them, the problem is probably moisture in the air. It takes a lot more than a couple of water separators in the line to get dry air.

ok I have double checked my air as it goes into the plasma cutter no moisture what so ever i have moisture at the compressor as usual but none after the it is conditioned so that is good I do get a lot of water coming up through the cut when its cutting how do I deal with that also once or twice I have misjudged my material and it will run the tip into the water table is that my problem

another thing should I have got extra consumables when I purchesed this I did not