Razorweld stoped firing

Hi all very new to all this cnc /plasma stuff
,My Razorweld / table was working just fine, took a couple days off and now it wont fire ,it just follows the g code path blowing air. This all started right after the fusion 360 change , I bought a years subscription thinking that was the issue but still nothing , I have also reloaded fusion 360 again and mach 3 along with all the other downloads needed . I can get the torch to cut /fire in the T4 mode but not T2 , I’m so frustrated right onw\e minute it was working and the next it is not, any and all help would be great

Thank you

does it fire if you press the trigger on the handle?

only when the machine is in T4

Tonight we performed the torch not firing troubleshooting guide . according to our results it looks like we need a main harness and a break out board replacement… How do I get in touch with Langmuir besides sending an email , still waiting on them to respond form yesterdays email , Super slow on the response .this machine is less that a year old and has about 6 hours of cutting time on it … Looking for some feed back ……………Thanks

I’m sure they are going to refer you to RazorWeld for warranty work if the plasma cutter is not firing. This assumes it does not fire when disconnected from Crossfire control box.

thank you for your input