Razorweld Machine Torch

Hello, to anyone that has a Razorweld Machine torch mounted to their Pro, can you post pictures of how you have it set up? I was informed that I shouldn’t clamp on the torch head (I didn’t know this), but I’m having a hard time configuring it so it’s not clamped on the torch head. It’s just not lining up right for me.

Thank you, I appreciate you all.

Do you have a picture of how your torch is currently mounted?

I don’t have a Razorweld, but most machine torches are the same diameter. I designed and 3d printed this mount for my torch with the goal of keeping the clamping forces away from the moving parts of the torch head.

the first pic is how I used to have it, second pic was after I adjusted the top clamp trying to get it off the torch head.

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This is the closest I’ve gotten it, but it’s still slightly clamping the head. The issue is, I had to move the Z axis all the way up in order to do this, so there’s next to no room to move up for IHS

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While I don’t have a machine torch, it looks to me that you can gain vertical space by inverting the mount.

That knob on the clamp doesn’t interfere with the torch? Those mounts should come with a 1/4-20 socket head cap screw to replace that knob.

I tried that, no dice. That’s the moment I decided to post here to see if anyone can post pics. Clearly I’m doing something wrong lol

It was interfering, but I replaced it with a machine screw.

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look here Langmuir Crossfire DIY #1 - YouTube