Razorweld Cut45 replacement tips

Anyone have a solid source for 1.0mm tips for the Cut45? Seems like people are having better luck with these tips and I would like to have some on hand for when my table gets here. Thanks!

I may have some laying around

Any Trafimet S45 tip will work with the Razorweld 45 right?

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@jamesdhatch Yes, same consumables

All I am finding are “drag” tips…

Will these work the same? Or is there a better place than Amazon to get tips?


I am using 1.0mm drag tips and have 0 issues

Do you guys have a link to the 1.0mm tips?

Here are the ones I use

I’m waiting on my supply to show up of them. I have a few different sizes coming in. I’ll be playing with some different size tips
I should have them this week, pm me if you want any


I will go thru you once you get your shipment in

I just ordered these. Are you using the included shims still, or do the drag tips throw those off?

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I still use the .060 shim

@gamblegarage let me know if you get any finer cut consumables than .08mm for the trafimet torches



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I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure harbor freight consumables will fit in our razor cut 45’s and although not 1.0mm they are listed on their site as 0.9

The HF tips fit, but the electrode is a little bit longer than the one that is from the S45 consumables. I am going to try and mill/grind off about .050 to make it the same height but wont be able to test until sunday

Any reason why the extra length wouldn’t work? I thought the HF plasmas used a trafiment torch? Maybe I’m just thinking about it wrong

The electrode touches the tip the tip does not sit flat on the swirl ring. The electrode is probably 2mm taller than the stock one

@gamblegarage carries quality consumables at a nice price. Havent had a chance to try the .06mm but he is the only source I’ve found to carry them but the .08mm are great so far