Razorweld CUT45 (CNC)

in the instruction LS-THC User Guide | Langmuir Systems

Each Razorweld CUT45 plasma cutter purchased through Langmuir Systems for use with the CrossFire PRO features a 2-pin 50:1 voltage divider port. This plasma cutter is completely plug-n-play with the Langmuir Systems CNC electronics enclosure/THC module and does not require any additional wiring. Two CNC cables are also provided in the plasma cutter box; a torch ON/OFF cable and a THC port wiring cable.

the VIM box has 1 input and 2 outputs. how is it possible to use 2 separate cables into one input without modifing the cables?

I’m confused is there a complete wire diagram for the Razorweld CUT45 (CNC) connections?

please advise

The VIM box is the same for all machines. Only one set of inputs/outputs is needed. The box can use either a 50:1 input or a RAW voltage input. Depending on what your plasma unit is, you use one or the other - not both.

If you’re getting the RW45 from Langmuir with the CPC port and cables then you’ll use the 50:1 connections for the VIM.

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there are 2 ports on the front of the cut45
left is 50:1 and goes to the input of vim box

right port is torch on off and can wire direct to electronics box

so there is no place for the 50:1 output to go?

Your phrasing is ambiguous. But if you mean where does the output from the VIM box go, there’s a cable for that which will plug into the Crossfire control box.

all right going to answer my own stupid question

I had the IHS connection plugged into the THC connection because the 3 prong also fits the 2 prong connection without any issue. nice design. so I think I understand how it’s supposed to wire up.

50:1 left cut45 to 50:1 vim input
torch on off cut45 to torch on off
vim div output to thc

it would be nice if the instruction actually use the same terminology that is on the control box, it would remove any confusion but the instructions just say electronics enclosure. so specific terms would be helpful for knuckle heads like me :slight_smile:

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:rofl::joy: same here, tried getting my plas hooked up today. Got the THC and plas all hooked in and no fire from fire control or manually. Such a headache :exploding_head:

and my razor weld has the ports in the switched order… @ least the instructions did mention they had seen it so that was helpful and I’m up and zapping things.

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nice cuts…but a few things to keep in mind…

  • always have the clamp on the material…not on the slats. having the clamp on the slats can cause arcing to occur between the different parts…slats to slats…slats to holder…slats to metal…and can result in poor THC readings
  • always have water in the tray…at least to the bottom of the slats…you could warp and damage your water pans

Would you happen to have a photo of your VIM wiring? I just cant get my head around this.

What issues are you having?

1 - 50:1 divided voltage port to DIV input on VIM
2 - Cable from DIV output on VIM to THC port on electronics enclosure.

Those are the only cables that attach to the VIM.

The torch on/off cable goes from the front of the plasma cutter to the torch on/off port on the electronics enclosure.

The IHS cable goes from the 2 wires on the Z axis to the IHS port on the electronics enclosure.

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OK that helped a ton. I think i got it. Ill let ya know after my first cut
Wish me luck

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i agree i am having a hard tome to get mind to fire so dont know if i have the right wires sliced