Razorweld CUT45 (CNC) consumables with flame torch

so are these new consumables that are not yet available? I can’t find them anywhere yet… still looking. anybody know where they can be purchased?

and I’ll talk to myself again…

so the razor weld manual x-ref the hypertherm part numbers… however the problem is still that the flame torch is not listed in the manual from razor weld… shesh. so like razor weld was just shipping whatever they had laying around?

That looks exactly like the X45 torch listed here: Razorweld X45 Torch – Langmuir Systems

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Mechanic416 George at The plasma shop on eBay
This guy is awesome. Forget more than most about plasma stuff.

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It is just another version of the X45 torch this makes it X45 version #4


Another user named @Stocky has pointed out that the x45 torch consumables are identical to the Hypertherm 30xp consumables. This means you also seem to have a fine cut option (420117 nozzle and 420115 shield). I wouldn’t try it above 30A on the assumption HT engineered those parts for a 30A cutter.

The 420117 fine cut nozzles are rated from 15 to 30 amps. If you need more then 30 amps you need the 220671 nozzles.


Does anyone know if the nozzle that comes with the razor weld cut 45 is fine cut? Where is the best place to buy the fine cut consumables? Part numbers? I am new at this and having trouble cutting small letters they fall out even though I bridged them with a 1/8in space between them.

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There is only one size cutting tip for that torch. 45/50 amp.

The reason is because the orifice hole in the cutting tip is 1.0mm/.040" that don’t change at any amp setting.

Now I have been told some people have been using the Hypertherm 30XP consumables on that torch. Some say it works and others say it don’t work.

That would be on you if you want to try it and cause damage to your torch.