Razorweld cut 45 remote

I bought a cut45 and it has a remote port for cnc. The manual on line does show this port or function. I can not get the unit to work with program. Is there an updated manual for this unit or was this custom for Langmuir?

Figured it out thanks to someone else’s question. The leads are backwards compared to info video. Reversed plug and it fired up. I still would like to find a proper manual for this unit with the plugs.

I found this, but you may want to contact Razorweld or Langmuir.

If you purchased a Razorweld 45 from us with the CrossFire PRO, it will come with two CNC ports. One is a 2 pin plug for automatic torch firing and the other is a 50:1 voltage divider output. To connect this plasma cutter to the CrossFire PRO you will simply connect one of the cables to the electronics enclosure for torch firing and the other to the THC isolation module 50:1 voltage divider input.