Razorweld and the blame game. Total BS!

Last November I purchased a CFP and the razorcut 45. The table is awesome the plasma cutter is not.
I followed the service bulletin and replaced the electronics required (total BS for a new product).
The cutter works sometimes now instead of not at all but it still has ruined hundreds of dollars of metal.
I ask for my money back on the cutter and Razorweld points the finger at Langmuirs software while Langmuir won’t refund the faulty product they sold me and have asked me to return it to Razorweld.

I have a good friend with the same setup but a earlier generation of razorcut 45 and his works great. So this to me means it’s definitely the plasma cutter.

I’m not some newbie. I teach at a collage welding and metal fabrication. We have 5 cnc plasma tables. I know what to expect from a machine. I have constant contact with adult students from the field and they all ask me what to purchase. Well you can guess what my reply will be.

This is a total rip off and the fact both companies are selling these machines and not backing them up with refund when they are broken out of the box is criminal.

My recommendation is DO NOT BUY THIS CUTTER.

@Dtwigden; I think you should post the problem that you are having with the cutter. Explain what is going on! You say you are a teacher? Maybe before you blow a gasket you should start asking questions. This forum is a place to ask for help. I have 49 years experience in metal working from welding to CNC machine programming, operation, setup and so on. I am a Specialty Tool Designer and Implementation. Do not be afraid to ask questions. I bought the CrossFire Pro with the Razorweld 45 and have not had any problems. I have asked for help on some things, but only here on the Forum. The users here are willing to help so ask for Help!! Explain the problem and post pictures if needed. You will get the help.
If I pissed you off I apologize! But don’t fly off the handle until you seek help and then don’t get it!


Just curious… have you swapped plasma cutters with your buddy to see if it follows your cutter? That might be a good start to help troubleshoot.

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The fact you have no issues with your machine means your machine was not one from the latest batch of faulty machines. I’m guessing therefore you’re not aware of the service bulletin that requires a repair to be done to the plasma right out of the box. I’m not the only person in this situation. I’m just one who is willing to warn others so they don’t get stuck with a faulty machine.

This is a manufacturing defect and not something the community can help with. But thank you for your concern it’s appreciated.

It wasn’t a manufacturing defect, it was a design defect that has existed since the Razorweld Razorcut 45 was released many years ago.

What is the specific issue you are encountering? Do you have any videos? The bulletin repair fixes a very specific issue and its not clear whether your issue is the same.


Haha you should be in politics. If it is new off the shelf and dose not work. You can call it what you like but it’s not the customers problem it’s the sellers and manufacturers problem. The fact they had the balls to suggest the customer needs to remove parts and replace with new ones right out of the box to get the machine to run is wrong. The alternative that they want the customer to pay for the return to the manufacturer to have it repaired is wrong. The fact that they are not accepting refunds for the machine is wrong. Period. That’s just bad business anyway you look at it. I have about 14k followers on IG for metalwork and I have relationships with a number of tool manufacturers. First time I’ve ever been stuck with a faulty machine due to the seller and manufacturer not wanting to honor their product. And before you say it, no repairs on a brand new product is not exceptable. Do the right thing and refund the customers who purchased these faulty units.

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What is the specific issue you are facing? I’m happy to help. Keep in mind that all warranty claims are handled by Razorweld, we’re simply a dealer for their products. If they are saying that our software is causing your issue, then let me know what the issue is and I’ll be able to weigh in.


I’m always skeptical when people say something doesn’t work, when they don’t describe how it doesn’t work.

For all we know you’re trying to cut 1 inch thick plate at 20 amps with a pancake compressor. No qualifying statements (Like “I’m not a newbie”) will sway us to your side. If it’s cathartic for you to shout from the rooftops that the cutter sucks, then great, but let’s hear what the issue is so we can either help or learn with you. If you don’t like that idea then go to a different rooftop.

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I am aware of all the service bulletins!!!

@Dtwigden, You still haven’t posted what the problem is that you are having with the machine!! Is it a grounding issue? Are the cables wrapped around each other? Is everything securely connected? Are the modules in the control box properly seated? Did you put the Ferret chock on the cable between the computer and the control box? Do you have clean dry air with plenty of volume and proper # psi? Maybe one of the 14K followers on IG can help you; have you asked any of them? I admit it is bad that you are having a problem but so many of us haven’t had any problems. I have had my machine for 5 months or so! I have read posts from those that have had problems and they were helped by others here on the Forum. Maybe you could ask the Service Teck that works on the machines at the College to give you a hand. Many of them will help after hours. Try what @nicaDd has suggested.
I know that you are very upset and I can’t help you! So this is the last you will hear from me… Good Luck!! Torch Not Firing - Solved , check this out!


I had an issue with my razorweld 45 sporadically cutting. I went thru the same issues where Langmuir and Razorweld blamed each other and I was getting nowhere. I also did the electrical fix on my brand new machine which did not solve my issue. It came down to my 2T and 4T button not functioning properly. Once that was fixed I’ve had no issues.

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Love it. I guess I might be one of them customers, because my POS Razorcut 45 is not firing with the THC but it fires by hand don’t know what is going on still trying to find out the issue by reading. I got this Razorweld back in 2020 and just now having a chance to hook it up to my Langmuir Crossfire Pro table. Any suggestions would be nice don’t have the funds to buy new Plasma right now. This is BS I agree when you buy something new you would like for it to work when you are ready to use it.


If your razorweld fires off the trigger, but does not fire from FireControl. It can be caused by a whole host of things listed below:

  1. Incorrect wiring- make sure you are tapped into the correct trigger wires inside the plasma cutter. Or if your plasma cutter has ports on it, make sure your torch fire cable is plugged into the correct one.
  2. Unseated relay from the motion control board. if you command a torch fire but don’t hear this relay click inside the box, then its likely the relay is unseated. Pull the electronics cover off and check for this.
  3. If you attempt to fire the torch via the ‘manual torch on/off’ button in FireControl and it doesn’t fire the torch but you hear a click and you checked item 1 and item 2, then there is probably a wiring issue inside your plasma cutter that you will need to track down.
  4. If it fires from the manual torch on/off button, but not in a program, then its likely you have insufficient pierce delay. XY motion of the torch must not happen prior to the torch moving from pierce height to cut height. If it does you will get the arc voltage warning and the program will be reset.
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I used the Razorweld Razorcut 45 for almost a year. I was able to get some super nice cuts from it but it was never a system that you could count on. It was like a really shitty friend. Sure we had some good times but most of the time was a waste of time. I finally bit the bullet and purchased and Everlast Power Plasma 82i and it’s AMAZING! It works every time exactly like it did the time before. You can set up and full table of cutting and walk away with confidence that it’s gonna do its job while you do other stuff. If you’re sick and tired of the Razoweld let down switch to the Everlast power Plasma 82i cnc Pac. Here is a link to their site. Everlast Power Plasma 82i CNC PAC (click here for more info)

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I have the 62i…I know what you mean…

Mine just literally blew up… only have been using it for 2 months now… mid cut, big boom… I bought it two years ago so my warranty is probably expired… I think I’m screwed…

Is everyone okay?

How big of an explosion was it?

Any pictures?

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haha yes everyone ok. just got off the phone with razorweld and i guess my board blew up and make a boom noise, and tripped the breaker. razorweld guy said hes only seen this happen 3 times and still in warranty so thats good… now to ship it off to get fixed. just some burn marks inside the unit but im not supposed to take it apart soooo maybe ill post pictures after its fixed :slight_smile: