Razorweld and alum

Hey ya’ll, its been 9 months since i have cut anything, hell haven’t even started anything up.

I have some 1/8 6061 to cut, how should i start out? I have 7 pc about 14x14 that i need to cut ,with basic designs to use as porch rafter support/bracing.

Razor 45 yada…yada…start with steel settings ? Slow down?

Life is so hectic…just need to make some outdoor kitchen supports fot roof …and they will be cute and plant hangers

Hope everyone is doing good :+1:

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My cut chart shows 30 amp 27 ipm. I would say if that is right you may do 40ish at 45 maybe

I’ve cut a few pieces of 1/8" 5052 and my 1/8" steel settings worked pretty good. 40 amps and 100 IPM. I’m using an Everlast 52i, but it’s probably not much different than the Razorweld.

Kool, thanks will try in the morning!

I cut it at 44A 100ipm with the RW.

Thanks for this interesting information!