Razorweld amperage help!

I’ve been using the crossfire pro for about a month, overcome a few hiccups and learned a ton of new stuff from this forum. My question relates to setting amps. I have the razorweld 45. And I use sheetcam. I never found instructions pertaining to this. My material is 14 gauge steel. Is there a setting I’m missing in sheetcam to set this precisely? I just turned the dial on the machine to “about” 35 amps. Is this the only way?


If its working for you then that’s about it.

The Plasma Cutter’s Amperage is not programmable from the software. You have to set it manually. When you’re setting up SheetCam usually one creates a ‘tool’ for each type of material and thickness, in your case, there might be a tool for Steel, Mild, 14Ga. In the tool’s parameters you would set values for cutting speed, pierce and cutting height (if you have a Z Axis), pierce delay, etc. I suggest you also include the key settings of air pressure and arc current in the tool name so that you can manually dial these in when you’re setting up a job. SheetCam doesn’t know or care what current you’re running. It only cares about timing (cut speed, pierce timing). You have to discover (or acquire) the information about the amperage and air pressure for your cutter for each material you want to cut.

Makes sense?

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Thanks for the detailed answer, its greatly appreciated.

I run 16ga, 1/8, and 10ga on 35 amps. 1/4 and 5/16 on 45.