Razorweld 45 wiring

hello I am perplexed just a little I have the razorweld 45 direct from langmuir and the thc and for the life of me its not working? What could I be doing wrong? Suppose to be plug and play? Tia for any and all help!

I know this is old, but they have instructions to fix the issue here.


9/10/2020: WARNING

We have received reports that the Torch and Voltage Divider ports have been switched in a small number of Razorweld Plasma cutters. If you are experiencing issues with your Torch not firing and your THC voltages not functioning as expected, test to see if the torch turns on and off (via Manual Torch Fire in FireControl) while plugged into the left port. Then test the right port for THC Voltage accuracy with FireControl. If you have any questions, please reach out to Langmuir Systems Support.