Razorweld 45 wiring for euro/australia

Greetings from Australia!

I’ve bought myself the PRO cutting table and plasma cutter and it’s made it across the globe and set up, which has gone quite smoothly. all working nicely on the table side.

The issue comes when trying to figure out how to wire up my plasma cutter…

I have 240v available (Australian), with your typical ground, neutral and 240v supply wire.

My understanding is that the cutter has 2x 120v hot wires, and 1 ground…

How in the heck can this be done??

Any help appreciated. Cheers

Here yuh go (excuse the CletusCAD):

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Thanks for the reply, but I’m trying to clarify how to hook up a split phase/dual 120v to an Aus/UK/euro single phase ordeal.

Im pretty sure it can’t be as simple as pump 240v up L1 and use L2 as a neutral.

As far as I can tell is you would need some kind of transformer to convert your electric to run the US powered plasma cutter. The transformer would have to take the 230v single input and switch it to (2) 120v output legs to give you the 230/240v needed to power the plasma cutter.

The potential across two phases of 120v is 240v and the potential across neutral and 240v is 240v so it is just as simple as earth, neutral and 240v. You could reach out to the plasma manufacturer and double check for peace of mind.

We do this all the time at work. We are US based but operate globally so the different voltages between the US and the rest of the world and the different wiring systems is always a pain. We send out distribution panels to Europe with a 3~ 400v to 3~120v (110v) transformers so we can plug in 110v and 240v equipment on site.

But he only has 1 wire 230v the plasma cutter needs 2 wires 120v each. As far as I know there is no way to split the 230v with out a transformer splitting it into 2 legs of 115v.

which plasma cutter is that???

Razorweld 45

The spec for the Razorweld calls for.

Power Supply / Phase (V-Ph)	230v - 1 +/- 15%

230v, 1 phase. Thats 230v and neutral.

Yeah, it’s the razorweld 45 CNC as supplied by langmuir. There’s a single phase unit in australia called a razorcut 45 running off 240v 15A plug, and I was scouring the manuals for both units playing spot the difference… There aren’t many. Same pictures used etc, mostly just unit conversions as differences. (lb to kg etc)

I was concerned that there’s a slight weight difference though (a few hundred grams), this is what originally got me thinking there might be some kind of internal transformer or something in the AU version.

I know, I know… In hindsight I should have bought the AU version… But I mistakenly assumed langmuir’s confirmation of voltage when I asked, applied to the table power unit, which is switchable, as well as the cutter, which has resulted in this thread :frowning:

Craig, I’m definitely leaning towards your suggestion and my original thoughts of wiring earth L1:120 and L2:120 to earth, L1: 240 and L2: neutral, but I’m a bit biased because I want it to be the solution haha.

There’s a lot of conflicting information in this thread though, so naturally I’m a bit anxious to try at risk of losing a +$1k AU machine.

The way I explained was also the same as the drawing cletus posted.

I heard razorweld are quick at answering questions. Drop them a quick email asking the question to settle any doubts you have.

Contact [sales@razorweld.com] about how to wire it. If you wire it 240v to L! and neutral to L2 the odds are the solution will be buying a new plasma cutter.

Thanks guys. I sent them an email a while back, just waiting on the reply I guess. If not, I can’t return the cutter anyway due to shipping costs and tax etc, so maybe I’ll risk it “for science”. I’ll wait for their reply first though.

Looking forward to hearing how this turns out. Im in New Zealand and looking to purchase shortly, i came to the forums to ask if the Razorweld 45 is the best bang for buck cutter, or if im going to get better cuts if i pay a bit more and get something like the HTP microcut 875 would be better.

Like I said in the other post. Buy a plasma cutter from a dealer in your country not from the USA they will not work there.

Thanks for that advice, i will definitely buy one locally

Just to update here:

I had nothing to lose as I could never return the machine, so I wired it up just as some have suggested. Green to earth, black + and white N. Worse case I trip a fuse or let the smoke out…

It worked perfectly.

So to clarify, you can run a USA welding appliance using this wiring on AU/EU plugs.
Amazing that this info isn’t available online readily.

Thanks for those who said that from the start, sorry for being skeptical, but it’s the wealth of naysayers online that lead to my doubt.