Razorweld 45 voltage loss

evening everyone, running my razorweld 45 and while running a project a warning box comes up in firecontrol saying the voltage arc was lost and everything stops. Any suggestions???

Nowhere near enough information. Need a stem to stern description of your whole setup.

How far into the program does this happen? Every program or just one?

Have you been cutting successfully prior to this?

This was the first actual cut on the crossfire since getting it. I switched from Fusion to Sheet cam over the weekend and had better results in the cam process. Sent the job to fire control and the part was cutting but half way thru it stopped and said that it had lost voltage for the arc. Tried to retry the cut in which it went back the last point where it had stopped, but then the same thing happened again. GCode said stopped at line 19??

Did you get the licensed version or the free one? There are file limits to the free one that will limit you to the size of job you can run.

I purchased the license not sure if it uploaded into it???

if you loaded the license correctly, your file should post process without errors. if it’s still in demo mode, you’ll get an error while you post process stating that your limit was reached.

Ok I double clicked on the license and it says that it was installed.