Razorweld 45 Question

did anyone buy a razorweld 45? Did they get any extra tips or anything with theirs? I just got mine and it only had the set that was in the torch. Seems pretty sad for a machine thats almost $800. I already own an Alphacut 60 and it came with extras like tips and stuff. I am already starting to get a bad feeling about the machine. I was looking up tips of different sizes and was surprised at prices and trying to figure out what i needed. The only reason i bought it was the Alpha 60 wont work with the table. I dont know. Any advice. Should i wait tilli get my table and go from there or just buy a different machine?

I’ve had no issues with the 45. I’m a proud american… but I will sadly say that i bought Chinese tips and electrodes in .08 and .1 drag tips and they are working just fine for me. It was around $50 for 30 tips and 20 electrodes off ebay… hope this helps.

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Mine came with one extra set. I have had no issues with mine either.

Mine also has been working flawlessly with no hiccups.
It came with and extra nozzle and electrode, but no tool to change out the consumables…
Gamble Garage has great prices and answered all my questions regarding this cutter.

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Hi, I sell consumables and machine torches for this plasma cutter.
Even hypertherm plasma cutters that cost twice the price do not come with spare consumables, that is very normal