Razorweld 45 problem

So I am moving and upgrading my garage so I’m very excited about that but I have to put all my shop equipment in storage for about a month and when I was packing up my table and razorweld 45 I was detaching the torch cable from the machine and 2 of the brass prongs stayed in the machine. I took a picture and proceeded to pack my stuff. I contacted razorweld support and they did give me an answer about fixing this that I wasn’t thrilled with but I’m also not sure if there is a better solution than what they said. I was told to just pull the prongs out of the machine and push them back into the hole they came out of in the cable.

I wanted to see if others had dealt with this problem and have an appropriate solution. There is marring on the prongs as though they pulled out of a permanent connector and just pushing them back into the hole didn’t give me the confidence of a permanent fix or a good connection. Thoughts?

From the picture it looks like a short pin and a long pin came out. If its the hand torch and you use it to do hand cutting then you need to put them back in and insert the wire pins in the back side. If its a machine torch the short pins are not needed but the long pins are the pilot arc (positive) wires and both need to be used.

If you need more help you can contact me.

so are you saying that i need to take apart the end of the cable and re-insert the prongs from the inside out?

You put the pins back in the holes were they came out of. Then you take the connector apart and put the pins on the wires back into the holes and make sure they are pushed in all the way. They lock the outer pins in so they can’t come out. Apparently the inside pins were not installed right in the first place.

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Thanks. I think your instructions will make more sense when I dig into it but I think I understand what you are saying.