RazorWeld 45 Machine torch in Phoenix area? Problem

Hello, I have a machine torch I bought back earlier this year. I’m having firing issues and I’m trying to pinpoint my problems. My hand torch fires and I have continuity thru my torch wire from the control box. It fires my hand torch but when my Machine torch is plugged in, it activates the air but no fire. Wondering if I can bring mine by or someone bring by their machine torch and see if its my torch or my board. It’s acting like a ground problem but I’ve cleaned the contacts and can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks guys/gals


What machine torch do you have? There are 3 that fit the Razorweld 45.

What are the three that fit the Razorweld 45?

There is the Trafimet S45 CNC torch, the Tecmo PTM60 and the Tecmo X45 style and of course a few Chinese copy’s.