Razorweld 45 - Corrosion?

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It’s winter here in Michigan, and until it got cold, cuts typically came out well. Especially with regular consumable swaps and appropriate settings.

However, my cutter is in an unheated shed, and it’s humid here thanks to the cold and the dampness, and that’s lead to a plethora of issues. We’ve recently picked up a new 26 gallon air compressor to replace an old Husky. Since replacing, and the weather change, quality cuts have been sporadic, the torch seems to be getting hotter than normal (I know this ties to an air issue), and tips are burning up quick. We have a simple air dryer, but I don’t think it’s enough given how damp it is.

  1. I assume a better air dryer would help with the system overall.
  2. I snapped pics of the Razorweld torch, which has some funky corrosion/pitting. I’m thinking the torch may need replacing, and it’s likely because of air dampness and heat.

I have included shots of the corrosion on the torch. I’d include cut photos, but as a new member I can’t. My first 2 cuts today were pretty clean; and then it failed to pierce. I checked the consumables and the tip is blown out.

Any thoughts?

Set up:
Crossfire Pro
Razorweld 45

Definitely a issue. Where are you getting your consumables from? Does the plunger move freely?

Plunger moves relatively freely… there’s some slight resistance on the push in. As for consumables, I’ve had both Razorweld’s brand name consumables, and run some from Plasmadyn, a highly rated eBay seller. I’ve run both for months with no issues this bad, but it’s also been much colder for longer, and it’s been super damp since the snow melted.

I could be wrong but it looked to me like the plunger is sticking letting it arc. I would clean it up so it moves as free as possible.

As far as consumable I did try those from eBay I certainly didn’t have good luck with them. I bought from ls until I found George’s ebay shop… best consumables I found. He is on here goes by the handle @mechanic416 he will be the one to tell you if you can and how to clean the plunger.


Thank you! I’ll check out his eBay shop for the consumables.

So what are you doing to dry your air. Moisture can also trash consumables very fast.

Drying is minimal, it’s a small desiccant filter. Working on getting our shop to get something better. The cutter ran well all summer, and fall, but this winter has been 0 Sun, and super damp. I’m going with damp air issues… I blew the lines out and there’s a ton of moisture.

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This is my filter system, never a moisture problem. I am in Howell Michigan, definitely a goofy winter this year.

This is what we need! We have a small (like 3”) filter off the back of the Razorweld. This setup, as is, I think is fine for cuts here and there, but I’ve been cutting 3-4 days a week, 4-6 hours a day. Definitely a funky winter, and my “shop” bring a glorified lean-to isn’t helping. It’s “dry,” but not as good as a shop needs to be.

Drain your air compressor throughout the day will help also.

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if you have moisture like that in the lines you are going to blow out consumables faster than you can change them…
get yourself a moisture/water separator as a minimum fast and place it before your desiccant beads and motor guard filter…

hint hint…

moisture kills cuts and consumables…

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Hey I am just south of GR we are pretty close!

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