Razorweld 45 CNC and thin metals

I plan on cutting thin copper and aluminum. Will the Razorweld 45 CNC cut thin metals and are there cosumables that will allow the cutting of thin metals?

Same ones you use for steel work, may need to find smaller orifice tips, but that’s the same for steel to if need be.

You might have to open the unit to drop the air pressure in the built in reg for thinner materials. In fact, I ended up relocating the internal reg to outside the case since its a hassle getting inside. At the lowest current settings with stock pressure its difficult to find a sane value for the pierce delay (too much pressure and you’ll blow away so much material that the arc will extinguish even at a zero pierce delay), I always ending up cutting at 100ipm if I can get away with it and all the way up to 200 if I can’t…

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As far as consumables, that would all depend on what torch you have on your Razorweld.

And you can adjust the air pressure with out taking the cover off this way.

I will be using the X45 Torch.

The X45 only has one set of consumables to do everything. that is the only draw back with that torch.

Will that hinder the cutting of thin metals?

Yes, lets say a 0.6mm/20 amp cutting tip has a .025" orifices hole. Now the X45 cutting tip has a 1.0mm/50 amp has a .042" orifices hole, your not going to get very good detail work with that size orifices hole as the kerf will be much larger. One size fits all does not give you the best cuts at all amperage’s.

Is there an additional torch I should consider buying to use with my RazorWeld 45 CNC as well so I can have more flexibility since I expect to do a lot of cutting of thin metals? Or should I be buying a different plasma cutter. My RazorWeld 45 CNC has not been delivered. I expect my Crossifire Pro and plasma cutter towards the end of April. I liked the RazorWeld 45 CNC since it has the “plug and play” for CNC.

Yes, there are other machine torch’s that work very well on the Razorweld 45.

Contact me if you need more information on other torch’s.