Razorweld 30 will not fire took nozzle apart look at this need help fast

I’m sure that I’m going to be told this is a problem with razor weld and I understand that but I need to know who to get ahold of I need a replacement in a hurry and need to know why this happened

I remember seeing another member with this problem and Razorweld said it was caused with water in his air supply.

Yep too much moisture and/or not changing consumables when needed.

Again this is why I stress to everyone DRY AIR is CRITICAL! Even this little $10 filter will help. Doesn’t last super long (or it will depending on your setup)

And remember to drain your tank often! These should be drained daily

Thank you for your reply but I already have clean dry air and I empty my air compressor every night when I’m done and everyday before I start of any kind of condensation I purchased this air dryer and add it to my system if you look behind the plasma cutter you can see one of the desiccant filters I have hanging on the wall I have a tree of three of them

The only thing I can think that would have caused moisture to be in the head would be splashback from the water table but I’ve read on other forums that water splashing onto the head from the table does not matter and actually it helps to keep the head of the torch cooler?? Is this not correct I have followed your post and seem that you’re very into it into this line of work and am curious of your input

Yes that is kind of what razor well told me I got them on the phone about 2 hours ago and pretty much said that my best bet would be to buy a new torch assembly instead of just the part to repair it? Because if I did that then I would have the warranty with the torch assembly my question was if I’m getting a warranty with a new torch assembly why is my torch Assembly not under warranty? Make sense to me but like other people are saying it’s water in your system but I beg to differ that with my system I posted below I have no water in my system and I don’t know what other better to do than to buy an Ingersoll Air Dryer versus Harbor Freight and I just don’t believe that’s the problem

Post a pic of your consumables. So generally (from my experience) this is caused by a direct short (IE generally water) or you didn’t replace your consumables when needed or the brass under the black plastic nozzle was exposed and shorted out.
Nothing wrong with that HF dryer, in fact I use the same one and only turn it on half the time. It works very well.
I very much doubt its water splashing back up. Hell I’ve cut steel and stainless under water with no issues.
The vipercut30 comes with a 1 year warranty on the power source but only 30 days on the torch. The cut45 has a 3 year warranty on power source and 90 days on torch. Even on tig/mig welders the torches have a very limited warranty because they can easily be damaged by customer abuse like some people using the plasma torch as a hammer if it didn’t cut all the way, too much moisture, not changing consumables, dropping them or running them over with the car. I’ve seen all of it happen lol

Dont change dryers. Many many people are running that dryer with great success. I agree that its doubtful there much moisture in your air.

Hey Paul just wanted to say thanks again for your reply but here is a consumables that you requested that I send these were from when I just had the three stage desiccant dryer the Campbell Hausfeld that is behind the plasma cutter in the picture I was not getting my air dry enough and I was going through consumables like crazy so that’s when I decided to go ahead and purchase the air dryer system and then when I started cutting things my tips was lasting very well actually I’m still on this was still on the same set of consumables since I put the dryer in and cut probably a half a dozen Monograms and a half a dozen odds and end things

then all the sudden when it went to fire on the next spot it would not fire at all so I pulled the torch apart and had this catastrophic meltdown for some reason and the torch head smell like electrical fire smells I’m using Straight water and have not gotten any of The Green Solution yet to keep from rusting but I read on a thread of using borax so that’s what I was doing temporarily but I can’t understand what else would have caused it any information you have would be greatly appreciated

Oh shit there is your problem. You shorted it out.
So the electrode is negative and the cutting nozzle/tip is positive. When you blew the electrode it touched the nozzle and shorted out.
You been working those consumables way too hard

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Okay now I’m getting somewhere it sounds like so how do I fix that problem? I’m cutting 1/8 inch steel@ 60in per min with a lead in and lead out at 50 in a minute 75 PSI on my air pressure and 30 amps on my cutter so my question is how do I not work them so hard I guess I don’t understand or are you meeting because of my wet air problem from beforehand was causing that to happen like I said after I added the refrigerated air dryer my consumable life went way up but maybe I had already put damage to the torch? Is this what you mean

What tip size are you running?

Basically you just kept working them until the shit the bed.
As soon as you see the cut quality slip or if the plasma arc is green you should change your consuambles
Since these machines do not have height control you can go through consumables quickly (especially if you don’t have an air dryer)
If you try to pierce thick plate and it blows back into the nozzle, even 1 time it could damage it. I did a quick video on consumables hoping it will help you out.

Let me know if you want a new torch or just the torch head. I have a new torch sitting here I can part with or a machine torch

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for that video that was very useful explains a lot very well done I got a s45 torch already ordered late late last night from Amazon and it should be here on Monday or Tuesday so I should be good to go at this point I was not aware that you had parts or Were A supplier but anyway that makes sense with what you said about it are working and getting looking green or something like that so that is the point that I should chart change in my consumables out? It just seemed like they started getting bad they got bad in a hurry but like I said since I hooked up the air dryer I was doing much better but I think I had already damaged my torch

Change the tip when the hole is no longer round. Change the electrode when the center starts to pit. Should be changed at 1/16 pit or could wait until 3/32