Razorcut45 - I've had enough

I have been fighting and fighting my Razorcut45 system to get any kind of consistent or decent cut for some time, and I have had enough.

Between no cut charts, complete pain in the ass to get disposables (what manufacturer doesn’t sell disposables or have specs on those disposables?), some tech support but nothing back after the initial email, beveled cuts, high dross (no matter the setting or height), a decent first part cut to something that resembles an elementary school art project made with a cutting torch, and any number of issues I have had enough.

I am sick and tired of wasting my time and tons of material so this thing is going in the trash and I’m ordering up a Hypertherm unit. I should have done that from the beginning.

I dont know what your using but I have had the same frustration for the last few weeks , cant cut a damn thing, or at least all they way through a job. Machine was working great a month ago. Everything cut perfectly, so what the heck is wrong now?

I sat down in frustration and thought about it for a bit and it occurs to me the big difference now is temperature and humidity.
I spent some cash on this filter and it worked in the spring but I believe now that it is hot and humid it cannot pull all the water vapor out of the lines this time of year.

The 90 degree temps and 80-90 percent humidity are maybe just too much for it.

So, yesterday I built this;

I dont know if this will pull enough vapor out or not but I am going to give it a try. I will put the motorguard filter behind it.
I have a pricy Miller 65 extream, I am not giving up on it since I have seen it do a great job in the past.
I will change out the swirl ring and all consumables and try it again, let’s hope it cures things.
All I am saying is there seem to be lots of guys using the Razor machines and doing just fine. Maybe step back and reevaluate all things a little.

It may be air pressure or volume ,but not moisture. And as far as the Razor 45 there is nothing wrong with that plasma cutter.

I have been cutting with the RAZORCUT45 for quite a bit now . Had a few leaning curves In Begining but that’s about it.

As far as cut charts, you need to make test cuts your self on every piece of material your planning on cutting first!
It’s the only way to get any kinda quality.

I find the table itself needs 10X more care and attention then the RAZORWELD. Cutter
Without THC everything on the crossfire needs to be cleaned and maintained.

I ceased having any cutter issues once I installed this air drier!!!

It’s amazing… it’s used in some local Auto body paint shops exclusively. In a commercial environment. And a cartridge lasts them over a year so I expect quite a few years out of mine. It’s worked awesome and solved all my air moisture problems completely.

CT30 by CAMAIR. ITS quite large also 24” high and built like a tank…

Yes it adding to the cost but it’s a must to have dry air.
Any cutter on any machine would need dry air.
Many purchased the crossfire hoping to just hook it up with what they have and cut away but it’s not reality and due diligence shows no matter what table or cutter your using there’s a lot more needed to make any type of quality cuts