RazorCut 80i and the XR

Does anyone have any experience with the razor cut 80i? I’ve searched the forum but did not find much about it. I noticed that razor weld also offers a machine torch for that cutter so it could be a nice setup for the XR table. Thanks for any input.

I like your thinking there. I have an XR scheduled for October… been doing some looking at everlast, but parts are so easy to find for razorcut being crossed over from hypertherm. Reasonable price too.

What supplier are you looking at?

Does it only comes in 3 phase / 415 volt?

I guess it does come 230/1

I’m going to try and call both Razorweld and First Industrial Supply on Monday to get more info. If they’ll answer. No one answers anymore.

For around the same money you can get the Everlast 102i 100 amp CNC package with the machine torch.

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Thank you, George! I am now looking at Everlast cutters and may very well go that route.

Everlast has a few model 82i CNC package in stock. I’d jump on it…they just got an order from the dock and no idea when they’ll get more. $1,599 for an 80 amp, industrial machine set up stock with machine torch and CNC port. Pretty capable machine.

keep in mind the CNC ports on Everlast units are notoriously not reliable for divided voltage or raw voltage…you need to open the case and connect raw voltage right from the terminal lugs inside at the front of the plasma unit.

I’ve heard that from a few folks. I trust that won’t be the only tweaking we’ll have to do to get up and running. Thanks for the support! After installing 3-phase power in our shop I’m ready for more fussy stuff.

Just remember guys to check the output voltage as well. Amps isn’t all that matters. The hypertherm 65 actually has more power then the razorweld 80 because the output voltage is higher. It’s all about total wattage output. Output amps x output volts = total output power.

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For the life of me with all the problem with the Razorweld 45. Poor supply chain issues, crummy torch, etc. Would the 80 amp version even being considered?

Following up. I settled on the Everlast 82i cnc package and it should arrive 7 days after ordering. Considering the current supply issues we have, that is hard to beat and I consider myself lucky. I’ve read up on toolboys recommendations and will be connecting to raw voltage. Thank you for the input from everyone. Now if only the tables would hurry up and be ready. I have too much empty space in the shop at the moment waiting on this table to arrive.


My 82i works flawlessly. Raw voltage hookup and
Solder in pins 1&2 on CNC port and you are good to go. Just remember the work piece is DC positive. Follow the directions.

Happy cutting. Let me know when you’re ready and I will give you some cut speeds and amp settings.


I settled on a 62i and it arrived today. I don’t have any cut needs over 1/4", but will be doing thinner metals, so save a little $. If I’m not happy with it, then Hypertherm can rob me and I’ll be ok… :rofl:

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