RazorCut 45 S45 Torch Issue (Suspect Incorrectly Assembled at Factory)

Symptom: The plasma jet was spraying at about 20-30° off vertical, burning through nozzle tips very rapidly, within a couple pierces, and lots of slag.

After changing consumables several times to no avail (and ruining them in the process), I opened the torch, I found the whip side power wire screw on the power wire was completely loose. Basically falling off, and I could easily unthread it by hand. It must have never been torqued to spec at the factory and worked loose due to relaxation across thermal cycles.

The heat due to the loose connection partially melted the whip side air hose, presumably choking the ID. This likely caused a double whammy of poor conductivity and poor air flow, contributing to the destruction of my consumables.

Unfortunately while the RazorCut 45 has a 3-year warranty, the torch is only 90 days so I’m SOL.

I believe this to be a manufacturing defect, either a design issue or more likely: incorrect assembly, proper steps not followed.

If you bought this through Langmuir especially if you bought it with the table. I’d email Langmuir the pictures and the discussion as you stated above. They have been great with their customer service so who knows. The best that could happen is they take care of you, the worst that could happen is nothing. Either way you won’t be any worse off than you are now.

That is a IPT40 torch, not a S45.