Razorcut 45 nozzles

Can anyone provide a link for fine cut nozzles compatible with razorcut 45 plasma cutter?

I have .6 tips I got from George at Gorges plasma cutters

But they are only rated for 20A
And they go on my PTM60 machine torch

I know there is a fine cut consumables for the X45 machine torch but requires fine tuning to use them.

It will depend on what torch you got with your razorweld 45. I think they came with two different hand torches.

Go to George’s website and then go to his eBay store and search for your torch. You will be looking at the amp rating of the nozzle and the size.


It came with only one torch, the x45

There is no fine cut consumables for the X45 torch. Note: Razorweld used two torch’s that were called the X45. Now they are calling it the HYP45 so you think your getting a Hypertherm torch.


This PLASMADYM company says that there is I think they’re just hyper therm’s consumables

Razorcut X45 Plasma Torch
Consumables - Fine Cut Kit

Replacement Razorcut® X45 plasma torch consumables.
Fine Cut Consumables Kit - Hypertherm Parts used for Fine Cutting Sheet Metal - for an AMAZING CUT.

  1. 52574 - Electrode
  2. 60041 - Swirl Ring
  3. 51206 - Contact Tip 20-50A
  4. 51206.11 - Contact Tip 70A
  5. 51206.05 - Unshielded Tip 50A (Shielded Part)
  6. 60305T - Shield Cup
  7. 51923 - Hand Shield
  8. 51924 - Machine Shield
  9. 51925 - Unshielded Deflector (Shielded Part)
  10. 51218 - Fine Cut Nozzle*
  11. 52573 - Fine Cut Electrode*
  12. 51218 + 52573 Fine Cut Set*
    *Requires Fine Cut Swirl Ring + End Cap
    NOTE: Fine Cut Consumables require expert level tuning knowledge
    these parts are proven to work but may require modification to your machine
    We do not provide support to tune and troubleshoot your setup
    Shielded parts may be used for Hand or CNC Machine Applications
    51206.05 + 51925 are Unshielded Parts
    Electrode, Swirl Ring, and Shield Cup are common parts

He is using Tecmo numbers but I can guarantee they are not Tecmo consumables and some of the numbers are made up as they are not Tecmo numbers.

Also some of what he has listed are Hypertherm Powermax 30 consumables and as he has stated you have to modify your torch to make them work/maybe.

Now that being said if you would like to change the torch to a TM70 machine torch I can get fine cut consumables for that torch and maybe the Hypertherm Powermax 30 consumables will work in it.

And as you noticed he does not use Hypertherm numbers.

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