RAZORCUT 45 1 Cut Woes!

Well I got through 1 cut Project was getting ready to start another I swapped out the consumables for to a .6 nozzle along with a new electrode
Now the torch won’t fire ?
Swapped back to the original consumables the torch came with and same problem still want fire…
I can get it to fire intermittently if I touch the nozzle to the steel sheet but other than that it won’t work by hand or when Mark 3 tries to fire it
This is my torch…

According to other threads this is the ipt40 not S45 torch

Guess razorweld has already Lived up to its reputation

Thread the electrode in and push it to see if it moves in and out freely
Also check air pressure
Do you have an extension cord on the plasma? They don’t like that
On that lip you see two pins. Make sure they didn’t get pushed too far into the handle or it won’t fire. That is the safety circuit for the trigger. If they get pushed in too far (from over tightening the cap) you can gently pull them out a little with a pair of needle nose pliers. These are also spring loaded.

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I’ll give it try in the morning thanks for the tips!

Just happened right after a successful cut and after I changed out the nozzle🤦‍♂️

That should be printed on every torch :slightly_smiling_face:

Snug is good. Monkey tight is bad.

I messed up my very first s45 torch a few years back from tightening the tip too tight. I put a knick in the machined surface inside the torch and when I would press the trigger nothing would happen/work except air flow after trigger was released.

Same exact issues here, same torch and everything. It was working one second, then didn’t, sent it off to a guy up north for repair, and it needed a new board, which was over half the cost of a new machine.

While it’s also possible that it’s something else in your case, which I hope it is, this was just my experience

Might be a good idea to double check the ground clamp/work clamp is on the workpiece.

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II found the problem…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
Thought it weird that it would fire intermittently,
Then just quit after I replaced the nozzle and electrode.
Removed the cover on the torch (very easy to )
&. Picture 3 for the top down . Red & Black wire wire pulled free from the crimped connector.


Black wire from torch body was pulled apart.
It’s not long enough the way it’s designed especially with the male & female spade connectors. When it was connected there was a lot of tension on that connection because the wires are too short
. It’s only a matter of time and torch movement and vibration until it came loose also the insulation on the end of the wire isn’t cleared up enough space I put a new female spade connector on and reconnected it only to discover that it is too short and there is too much tension between the two connections ,
If you look in the photos I added a 1 inch extension with the appropriate female and male spade connections on each end there is ample room in the torch housing to tuck this in when reassembling the torch covers if this is how everyone of these torches is designed it’s only a matter of time and is probably why there is so many issues with this plasma cutter …
Was cutting fine and then all of a sudden stop firing I see these topics a lot on this forum …

Just for information purposes. I have extensive back round in Electrical areas and diagnosis. As I was a professional Automotive Master Tech for 21 years and also taught advanced electronics and electrical diagnosis at a technical college.

But this issue is extremely easy thing to check for most anyone who would have this problem with this cutter…
I suspect it’s the cause of slot of similar complaints I’m reading here on the forum.

Put it all back together and it fires perfect. Just cut six more pieces. To dial in my settings

Thanks for all the input and advise.
Hope this helps others having the same poss. Issue

Cut 5 of these after the repair


Lucky!!! I had pulled apart everything on my machine trying to find it and nothing…

seeing as its still under warranty I figured a quick look at the torch might yield something and luckily it did.

if it got more in depth I would have went the warranty route, out of warranty I would have dove in…
I did send a email to RAZORWELD Support several days ago, and have not gotten one response so If I ever do need warranty help I wont hold my breath!

trying to get onto their web site yields a 404 message like its gone, so I wonder if they are even still in business?

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Website works now. It was down for a few days

Just had this same issue happen to mine today. Luckily I found your post on this forum. Was able to be back up and running a short amount of time.

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Andy thoughts on how to fix this anyone. The hand held started getting really hot. Took it apart and found this issue

Warranty that’s the easiest way to repair it.