Razor45 Torch turns off at same place muliple times

I am using the Razor 45 torch to cut pattern in thin sheet metal (.0825). Crossfire runs and torch fires and travels about a third of the part, then torch goes out (air remains on seems normal). Restart program from beginning torch fires and travels again same pattern and stops (torch out) at same place and crossfire continues along part cut path. Strange torch turns off in same location. Tried at different locations on sheet stock and same result. Not sure if this a issue with Razor45 or Crossfire controller.

Help please!

do you have your work clamp directly on the metal you’re cutting? if not, clamp it directly and see if that works. Also could be possible you’re not pumping in enough air.

Nope. I have it clamped to water plug under water table. then moved to side of water table. Air pressure about 60 psi.

However due to some Black Magic, my piece was cut out entirely without stopping. Couldn’t believed and did it again same successful result. Also since I had thin sheet metal reduced Current to about 25 amps. Since I am cutting the bed supports will try 20 Amps.

So, greatly appreciate your help.

Have you purchased the full license for mach3 and registered you mach3 software? I had a similar problem before I licensed mine. The demo version of the program will only run a limited number of lines of code, then stops.

Yes I did, Miilar. So thus far things are cutting better. Placed several EMI chokes on various cable and appears to suppress Arc spikes. Now playing with Current and tracking speeds.
Only once torch went out but program still running. It was a good piece so I restarted program with torch off and once I got near uncut area I activated the torch and the project completed successfully.

I still have much to learn. Appreciate your reply

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