Razor x45 consumables

Just got my table together doing the wiring now And I have been looking online for consumables I’ve been to the eBay store I’ve been to the Langmuir store, even razorweld store… I consistently can’t find any labelling for the size of the nozzles there selling Is there only one nozzle available for the razor cut 45?

Yes there is only one size tip/nozzle to do it all.

I thought I read somewhere that Langmuir sells Razor consumables…

Yes you did, they do sell them.

So is that the only place to get them? I was on your site and you where out I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to find them

I am not out of consumables for the Razorweld 45 with the X45 torch. Langmuir may be out of stock of them.

I think that I found you on eBay but thier contact system wont let customs add phone numbers. I need some fine cut consumables for my Razor Weld Cut 45 (Machine torch). Looks like you are the right guy to help me out. Thanks, Scott

Sorry Tecmo does not make fine cut consumables for the X45 torch.

Welcome, I do not see anything that states these are fine cut consumables. All I see is 45/50 amp after market consumables in a fancy case. Also the HYP 45 consumables are not Hypertherm consumables that is just another name for the X45 torch.

I have some so called fine cut (15/30 amp) tips on the way from a different suppler. They should be here soon and I will test them to see how they work.

Check back with me end of next week 8/4/2023 if your still looking for them.


They don’t seem to be labeled for fine cut. If we’re doing something intricate we always start with new consumables and use the old ones to just cut metal for someones part. They work well for us. That’s all we use.

I don’t know what machine torch you’re running as I understand razorweld sells a couple different ones… I have a razorweld with the torch that takes Hypertherm consumables. I’ve been using the shield and nozzle from a Hypertherm 30, and they seem to work good for fine cut but amperage is limited to 30 amps. The electrode and swirl ring are the same so it’s just shield and nozzle.

Welcome to the forum,

Hypertherm 30 consumables are totally different then the Hypertherm 45 old model consumables some people are using on the X45 torch. (NOTE) not all X45 torch’s will work with the Hypertherm consumables its been discussed on here many times. Now if your using the Hypertherm 30 xp tip/nozzle it is the same as the old Hypertherm 45 tips/nozzles with a smaller orifice for a finer cut at lower amperage’s.

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