Razor x45 consumables

Just got my table together doing the wiring now And I have been looking online for consumables I’ve been to the eBay store I’ve been to the Langmuir store, even razorweld store… I consistently can’t find any labelling for the size of the nozzles there selling Is there only one nozzle available for the razor cut 45?

Yes there is only one size tip/nozzle to do it all.

I thought I read somewhere that Langmuir sells Razor consumables…

Yes you did, they do sell them.

So is that the only place to get them? I was on your site and you where out I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to find them

I am not out of consumables for the Razorweld 45 with the X45 torch. Langmuir may be out of stock of them.