Razor weld cut 45 leaking air on from water separator

I have a razor weld cut 45. Worked fine yesterday. Unplugged my air to use on another tool plugged it back in and now air is leaking from the water separator . Not sure what to do. Turned the dial down along with my air pressure at my compressor all the way to 40psi and it still is leaking . Please help! Thanks in advanced

If your compressor puts out more then 135psi it may have cracked the plastic filter bowl. I would say it has some dirt or rust in the air drain. You will need to take the cover off and clean the drain. You may also need to replace the filer.

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Only have had it for a week so I don’t think it would be rusted already I live in a low humidity area the air is coming out of the bottom vent and bowl dosent appear to be cracked

It is a auto bleeder to let water out. If air is coming out of it it has something keeping it open. The valve in it will close at about 40psi if its working right.

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