Razor weld 45 consumable purchases

Greetings. Where would one purchase consumables for the Razor weld 45 plasma cutter

Langmuir sells them. There are lots of Chinese sellers selling stuff that they say works on the Razorweld.

Do not use Hypertherm consumables on your Razorweld as most of the time they don’t work or cause damage to the torch.

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Thanks for your prompt reply and warning about Hypertherm consumables.
Is your opinion regarding the Chinese consumables also negative?

I always say its your money and you can spend it any way you like.

Yes of course. I would normally buy USA and local if possible. Just looking for advice should those avenue’s be unavailable when I need them as to any damage to the machine that you mentioned in yor previous reply.
Again thanks

I have a RW and @mechanic416 supplies me with my consumables. they are of good quality


Much like @Knick, I use @mechanic416 's consumables (electrode / nozzle) and have had no issues. Slightly better consumable life than the one we purchased from Langmuir.


Cool. It wasn’t made apparent to me we
Hen he replied that he had a small business and made them.
I don’t currently need any but would like contact info so I can order when needed

I’ll also add @mechanic416 now has fine cut consumables for the RW45. And they rock!

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the problem with off shore consumables is they are not reliable…the tolerances for manufacturinbg may not be the same and the overall quality is not the same.
I tried offshore consumables for my plasma and found them inconsistant is cut time and pierces compared to manufacturers consumables which I can count on the meet certain cut times and pierces.
then there is the lost time changing the off shore tips and the lost metal from blowouts…


Especially when you are starting out with CNC plasma cutting, there are enough variables with the cut height, pierce height, speed of cut, kerf width, pierce delay, and a myriad of options with lead-in and lead-outs that all complicate finding a satisfactory result with the cut quality.

Spend the money on good consumables with a good track record: eliminate premature failing of consumables as a variable.

Just my 2 cents.


So how do I contact mechanic 416 when I want to order consumables

His contact info is posted several places throughout this forum, but adding @mechanic416 to your post will generally flag him down. And, if you click on this name link, you’ll see his website and ebay listing.


www.georgesplasmacuttershop.com works most of the time.