Razor cut 45 problem

This was a topic earlier on the RC 30. There was a capacitor they were pulling to make this work. langmuir should know this they had a link for this problem.

Capacitor issue had something to do with Post Air Flow on the 30 I thought

I found this after doing some investigating possible problems I may run into once my table arrives plus I want to buy some consumables to have on hand.

Let me try and clear up some of the confusion between the PT (Italy)/IPT (China) torch and the Traifmet S45 torch (Italy) and S45 copys (China).

First the Traifmet S45 from Italy is a top of the line torch. The S45 from China work somewhat. And is what is called a front striking/blow-back pilot arc torch.

The Tecmo PT torch from Italy is top of the line torch. The IPT torch from China works well but not made with the best materials. And is whats called a back striking pilot arch torch.

Now in the pictures I will be posting you will see a lot of the differences between them. The biggest difference is the travel of the plunger (the part the electrode screws into)

The S45 plunger moves about twice as far as the PT does. You only need the plunger to move a little on the PT back striking to brake the contact and start the arc. As were you need about twice the range to start the arc with the S45. You can e see this in some of the pictures.

The PT/IPT torch has a lot of advantages over the S45 as far as consumables. The biggest one is the shielded consumables used on a lot of the higher priced plasma cutters on the market. I have put some of them in the pictures.

Now A lot of people have been using the S45 consumables on the PT/IPT torch’s and they will work well. But you will not get the best performance from them as the torch was designed for the back striking consumables as well as air flow through the torch and around the electrode and tip/nozzle

On the other hand the back striking consumables will not work at all in the S45 torch. Ask everyone that calls me because there plasma cutter won’t strike an arc after buying the consumables from Harbor Freight for there older plasma cutters, or other people that used to get the S45 consumables from HF for there plasma cutters.

Ok, anyone have any questions can contact me by phone, email, PM, etc. and I will go over it in more detail with you.

In the pictures everything on the left will be the PT/IPT on the right will be the S45
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i Believe that excerpt is from the guy I’ve been getting all my info from

I cant see any attached images. :frowning: what part numbers should I be looking for for the pt/ipt style consumables?

There was a spring in the electrode nozzle housing that collapsed. I straightened the spring, reassembled and it fired right up. The spring will collapse, the electrode rod has a slight mill on it for 2 different widths. Spring allows lip to catch