Razor 45 plasma Power needed

My electrician is upgrading my 110v plugs to 220v in the shop and ask me if the razor 45 plasma cutter can run off 208v because that’s what he can give me. I am not expert or have knowledge of electrical things and said people run this plasma cutter out of there garage and he said a house is typically set up for 215v min and up.

So I said I will ask on the forums . Will 208v min work for the razor 45 plasma cutter.


The specs say 230volts + or - 15%, which is around 34volts, so 208 is well within that range.

Where do you live that 208 is even an option?

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There are still some places in the USA that does not have 240 volt. Also a lot of times if you pull it from 3 phase you get 208 volt.

It should work fine, but the out put will be a few amps less.


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seriously…is is right about the 208…

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Can the Razor 45 be ran off 110 ?

NO, it will not work on 120 volt.