Razerweld cut 45 tool setup

It would be awesome if someone currently using the Razorweld cut 45 could share their tool setup parameters in Fusion 360.
Thanks in advance!

I followed Langmuir’s tool setup they showed in the F360 tool setup video. Working fine so far.

Thanks! I watched the videos, but was making sure there was not any significant difference in the setup for the razerweld vipercut 30 and the cut 45.
Thanks again for the info.

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It’s working okay for my Razorweld 45.

I haven’t run any kerf tests to see if those are the same but with the same nozzle & power it ought to be.

I am a woodwork by trade and run a water cooled CNC system for wood. The software systems are similar but a whole new world for me with the plasma cutter. It looks like I am a long way out in receiving my crosscut system, so I’m trying to get a head start on all the quirks.
All the tips and tricks I can find are great!
Thanks again!

:slightly_smiling_face: I teach CNC machine operations for a local Makerspace - laser, router (wood) and water cooled metal. I also have a laser (Glowforge Pro) at home. I like the ability to use the same design software and even the same files. I do have to watch out for the thickness of the material I leave behind - what works in wood or plastic may not be sturdy enough in thinner metals.

The Shopbot can start with same or similar designs but with variable Z-axis cutting it’s more 2.5D than the flat panel stuff for the laser or plasma cutter.