Raw voltage connection for a Razorcut 45Di

I’m trying to wire the Raw voltage to the VIM box from my Razocut 45di.
I not getting any live voltage readings in fire control. everything other than the voltage seems to be working fine. The Razorcut 45di doesn’t have plug and play CNC ports. I’ve seen videos from other brand cutters it really hasn’t helped. Any help will be welcomed.

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I really like how Razorweld ‘mentioned’ the ‘optional’ CNC connector in their manual but then did NOT tell you how to wire to it! It seems to me that portions of the manual may have been removed and I suspect that it was Manual Man** who has the key information!

**Manual Man is the name for the Masked Marauder also known as @TinWhisperer . He has all manuals ever produced and, if he likes you, he might even help you out. He doesn’t like me because I discovered his nefarious ways right away. But you might get lucky.

Good luck! Bwahahahaha!


I’m in Australia, we have the Jasic machine which is sold by Unimig here (see image). I would hazard a guess they’re identical - but that’s my guess.

Firstly, the machine has a CNC port in the center lower front with a screw cap. That’s in your image too.

The machine has a div output but it is not natively 50:1, which Crossfire calls for. If the top handle screws/panel is removed there is a dip switch (pictured) and the 50:1 output can be toggled.
Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 12.42.55 pm

My machine came with a CNC cable to fit the port which converted it to a Hypertherm plug layout. I then bought a Langmuir Hypertherm cable, which fitted, to complete the plug’n’play install.

It worked for 3 weeks, then my external Langmuir THC box broke. I do not know the cause of why this occurred!

I am now going to try a raw voltage connection in the coming days.

Anyhow - I am no means an expert as I’m very new to this scene, but maybe some of this is helpful to you.

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Out of interest did you connect the raw cables for THC here at these two places?

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I did initially and it didn’t seem to work. I don’t have any continuity to the torch head either.

I’m grateful for your input. I’ll check this out. Thank you.

That is were you hook the THC raw voltage wires. Red positive to the top work cable and Black negative to the bottom torch.