Radius Reference Points

Kind of new to Fusion but not to the cad world. On my drawings, where I have cut a curve or circle down, it generates a radius point for the new curve or new curve segment. Unfortunately (now), when I import drawings from Fireshare, I see all of the points on the new drawing too. I am sure it will work fine, but it just looks messy and something I would not want to “Share” when I share some of my creations. After exhaustively looking through the Fusion forum, I see where I can turn it off in Sketch and Options, but I’ll be darned if I can find it. It’s almost like the software has been modified since the previous question was answered. Thought I’d throw it out here to a smaller community first. Thanks!

This is what I see when I open most any document. I can turn them off in sketch mode, but they reappear when I close sketch mode. Is this normal?maple

Bump. About to get back to this and actually start using it. Any info is appreciated.