Radial Engine Airplane

Looking to see if anyone has files pertaining to a radial engine for an airplane? County airport approached me wanting to have a sign made for their new hangar.

Thinking about this general idea.

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cool project…super easy and you could make the propeller spin even.

I just figured out this is actually a Radial Engine. My apologies

This post is confusing. You might want to clarify what type of plane engine again since the title says one thing and first post is different engine.

I just want to see if anybody has developed their own besides the ones on google. I’d be willing to pay money for the right design. Otherwise it looks like I may be adding another project to the design board.

The one on the right converted really nicely into a .dxf file. You could start with that and modify to your liking.

Rotary.dxf (179.6 KB)

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Is this what your looking for? This one looks much more like a radial then what you posted. This was just a quick search you may be able to find one that’s even better with a little looking