Quincy QT-54 DERALE 15300

What did anybody use to connect a Derale 15300 aftercooler between their QT-54 pump and tank.
I asking about fittings.

Or, what is this?

1/2" brass compression tube fitting
90 Degree To
1/2" male iron pipe
( Maybe 3/8 hard to tell from the picture)


As for the rad

AN8 which is a flare fitting

Typical flare for copper is 45°

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Thanks @TinWhisperer

This is the air line between the pump going into the tank.

This fitting doesn’t have a ferrule (sleeve in your image)

The 1/2" O.D. tube fits inside the male fitting. There seems to be a sleeve integrated into the nut. I cannot slide the nut up the tube to see what it is. I cannot find a similar fitting this size on line to identify what it is.

I read you don’t use compressing fittings on gas/compression over 125 psi. I guess the is just air flow as the Quincy decompreses this line after the pump stops so the motor doesn’t have to start under load.

I suppose I can cut into the tube, put flares on it and just crack on from there.


Maybe its this type of compression fitting? SelfAlign ? page 52

It is in this catalog https://www.eaton.com/ecm/groups/public/@pub/@eaton/@hyd/documents/content/pll_1015.pdf

Those have a higher rating then that. page 46

in this Quincy QT-54 manual https://www.aircompressorsdirect.com/manuals/quincy-016ebdd7885d7da9902daf96f8b3aba5.pdf its shows and numbers all the fittings expect the one painted blue

Hopefully something helpful here

Or maybe this nut with captive sleeve.

I think all three of them work with the male side,

Dude, you rock!
That Jamieson looks like the stuff. The description says for vibration.

The manual and part list came with my compressor is lacking the detail you found. I’ll look into finding a better one.

I am always amazed by the quality of people like you on this forum who are so willing to help others.

Can’t thank you enough.


4:00 PM, 67°f, 51% humidity

Breaking in Quincy QT-54, 20min in…


Nothing coming out of the tank’s drain.

Thank you to all who so kindly provide your knowledge and experience.

I have same compressor. I want to do this