Quiet Compressor

At work they bought this 10hp, 80 gallon, and 34cfm @ 175psi compressor from Lowe’s and I can’t believe how quiet it is compared to my Dewalt…


is that Pallet nailed to the floor? It will ‘walk’ otherwise and that won’t be good for those fixed joints (which probably should have a flexible hose anyway).


Some people know it all and there’s no convincing them otherwise. They’ll have to learn for themselves…

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I’ve been reading through the literature on this tank I have so many questions.

So they have a silencer on the intake which is an accessory that can be purchased for any compressor.

And it looks like the other trick on their sleeve is a variable speed motor the vary the output of the machine.

When it was running quiet what kind of cfms were you using?

Also that desiccant cell should be moved to the other side of the air dryer.

And is this just me or does the seem contrary to logic


Raising the pump from the mounting deck allows air movement 360 degrees around the pump for cooler operation and less moisture condensation inside the tank. (Available on Flexzilla Pro models.)"

Normally cooler air would be condensing and reaching dew point so it should actually increase the amount of condensation? And why wouldn’t you want condensation in the tank when you mounted an automatic drain on it from factory?



Its for an industrial size blast cabinet and I’ve never heard it get any louder than the video I can’t upload. I agree on the location and the hose.

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