Questions on Scaling in fusion (Solved)

Ok this go around I am trying to scale something and not in a normal way so I need your advice!

This file is the outline of the state of Montana. So I scaled it down and got it close to the 28" x14" customer is looking for but the width is to narrow now.

As you can see itsl less than a 1/2" I would like to get to around 1-1/2". I tried just scaling the most out side line and that won’t work for me, it gets all distorted. Maybe due to constraints?

Would I have to scale it so the outside is the size I want it and then scale another one and make it smaller and lay it over the top?

If that does not make sense don’t worry, it barely makes sense to me :rofl:

Maybe just tell me how you would do it if it can be done
As Always Thanks for your help
Montana State Outline v2.f3d (60.3 KB)

If I understand right, all you need to do is select the border, click Modify, Offset, then drag the little arrow out to the expanded size you want.


Exactly what I would do.
You may have to use flip or a minus number to make it happen on the inside but @Wsidr1 is exactly right use the offset tool and create a new line


Ok thanks again I have so much to learn!!!