Questions about THC z-axis upgrade for regular crossfire

I feel like I’m ready, or past ready, to have torch height control on my crossfire table. I have the regular small crossfire table with razorweld 45amp plasma cutter. I have upgraded to a machine torch that I bought from George’s Plasma Shop. I Really like that upgrade, but am sick to death of still having to use torch height shims to set torch height before every cut. In addition, I usually have to stop half way through the cuts to make sure torch height is still proper. If metal is warped at all, I can pretty much guarantee that I will have faulty cuts and wasted metal due to torch contact with the metal.

Z axis torch height control would solve this problem, right?

Can I continue to use mach3 to control the torch it l after creating the cut program (toolpath) in fusion 360?

Is firecontrol that much better for this THC upgrade?

If I need firecontrol, does it cost to download since I’m already a Langmuir customer?

If you’re getting the Langmuir THC upgrade then your control electronics will be replaced with a new one that does NOT work with Mach3. You’ll use FireControl, which is free.

see above. It’s your ONLY choice after the Langmuir upgrade.

It doesn’t cost anything, customer or not. It only works on their system, however, so, by definition, requires you to be a customer to use it.

When trying to add the THC kit to my cart, I’m asked if I will be using with “Gen 1 Mach 3,” or “Gen 2 Fire Control.” I bought my crossfire in 2019 and have used Mach 3 ever since. Should I select Gen 2 so I can start using Firecontrol instead?

no, your table is a gen 1 since it runs mach3. Gen 2 tables came with the control box that runs firecontrol but had the option to upgrade to THC at a cheaper cost since the control box was already provided.


I have had a Crossfire with Razorweld for a couple of months and am extremely impressed with how well it works. The two add-ons that have shown to be invaluable are the THC and the water pan. The THC works wonderfully and the water pan just absorbs all the dust that would float all over the shop. I have cut some pretty warped metal without issue. I use Fire Control with a Windows 7 laptop. I had to install new video drivers and Service pack one for it to work with Fire control. I also use Sheet Cam. It is extremely easy to use. Watch a few you Tubes.
I mostly cut 1/4 inch steel at 30 amps and 35 IPM. I get a small amount of dross on the bottom of the plate which chips off easily. I have heard that this is common with a water table.
My biggest problem so far was a clogged air nossle that made a horrible melted mess on the bottom of the plate. Turned out that I had a brand new air hose between the filters and Razorweld. It injected a bit of fine rubber dust into the holes in the swirl ring. Cleaned the tips and tiny holes with my welding torch tip cleaners and perfect cuts.
The THC includes initial height setting and then maintains that height through out the cut. From the time that you hit start until it is cutting is about two seconds. No messing around.
My only problem with the THC is that the little black box that controls it has loose connectors and the cables fall out easily, sometimes in the middle of a cut. The torch then crashes into the plate stock and Fire Control is smart enough to shut off. A dab of hot glue on each end solved the issue.
Have had no faulty cuts and wasted metal.
My only issues are when the air compressor regulator is set low or if I forget to connect the ground clamp.


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And thanks for the write up! It’s good to hear good news! :slightly_smiling_face: